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Equinade - premium quality animal and leather care products

Equinade products have been sharing in the caring of horses for over 30 years. Equinade is an Australian owned company and all of our products are Australian made for Australian conditions. Choose to use premium quality products from the Equinade range which cater for Leather Care, Coat Care, Hoof Care and Animal Health. To view the full range of our products go to our Products page.

Feature Product

Equinade Showsilk Hair Polish

Contains optical brighteners for a long lasting, glossy shine on coats, tails and manes. Equinade Showsilk Hair Polish will:

1. Untangle knots

2. Repel stains and dust

3. Last for days

4. Reduce grooming time

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Pooches n Cream range

Sharing in the Caring....

Pooches n Cream

A premium quality range of products designed to fastidiously care for the coat and skin of your stylish pooches and felines.

Keep your pets smelling and looking fabulous with the Pooches n Cream products including a variety of coat enhancing shampoos, conditioners, stain removers and deodorisers. See the full range to share in the caring of your pampered pooches and felines at the Pooches n Cream products page.

"Equinade" and "Pooches n Cream" are registered trade marks.


Proudly Australian Made & Owned